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What’s Coming Up On The Show…

On this show, I interview Dr. Victor Manzo, the founder of Empower Your Reality and author of Rediscover Your Greatness.

We discuss:

  • Growing up in the Italian-American culture
  • The journey into the chiropractic world
  • Mindfulness, spirituality, and rediscovering your greatness
  • Tips and tools to break old habits and create new ones
  • How you can empower your reality and choose the life you want to live
- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Dr. Vic is a Pediatric/Family Wellness Chiropractor, Neuroscience/Mindset Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, and Influential Writer. He is the co-owner of The Wellness Path and owner of Empower Your Reality.  Dr. Vic is the creator and host of Wellness Smart Radio and The Mindful Experiment Podcasts.  He is the author of, “Rediscover Your Greatness: A Guide to Creating an INSPIRED and FULFILLED Life.”