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What’s Coming Up On The Show…

On today’s show, I have life coach and dear friend Grant Cavaliere of Cavaliere Coaching.

We talk about:

  • What is a life coach?
  • How Grant defines it.
  • How you could help jump-start your goal setting today.
  • And how you can create an action plan, to create success in all facets of your life.
- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

I grew up the youngest of four, in a house where my Father was an entrepreneur, my Mother has worked for the same hospital since she graduated, I got to see many different paths available. However, none of them seemed to fit me. Thinking I would attend Lyons Township just as my brother and 2 sisters did, it was a little shocking when I walked through the doors of Fenwick on the first day. It was the start of my own path. After high school, I thought school was not for me. I went to COD to avoid judgment and bide time until I ‘figured it out’. I went to Loyola, left Loyola after two years. My english teacher and employer at the time thought it a good idea for me to get evaluated at Loyola’s psych department. After that, I was told that I have dyslexia and ADD. I felt relief. Relief that not living up to my expectations, others expectations, was ok…I believed this for years after. It was my crutch and I leaned hard.

In the time from the labeling, I opened and went back to Loyola and graduated, earned my Black Belt, watched my girlfriend fall sick and pass, opened an MMA gym, sold everything I owned, lived in an office with a mattress on the floor for nearly 2 years, compiled massive debt, filed bankruptcy, lost my gym, stress was literally killing me – I wore a heart monitor to figure out what was happening to my heart. Everything I planned for, went the complete opposite direction. I had nothing…or so I believed.

My family was with me through thick and thin and for that I am eternally grateful. But the one person who motivated me to get my ass in gear was the girl I met while I ‘owned’ the gym. She stayed at the gym, on the mattress on the floor, while I had to scrape to splurge for something on the dollar menu at Wendy’s, and stuck it through my darkest time. I can personally vouch the adage is true, it is darkest just before the dawn.

I took ownership of my life and started building a life by design, not default.  In a few short years, I married that girl – Natalie, started re-paying my debts, got my coaching and hypnosis certification (NLP), opened a business, landed a fantastic job with Old World Ind, bought a house, built a beautiful family, got off my prescription medications, and my smile is real.

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