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Being an amazing father is incredibly important to me, and if you’re a dad, I imagine it is for you as well.

I used to sit up at night looking at my wife sleeping while she was pregnant, wondering if I would ever be able to fulfill the role.

So, I got to work and did a ton of research. When my son was born, I began analyzing what I was experiencing and digging even deeper into the research. With each step along the way, my confidence grew. And now, I believe I truly know what my role is as a father, what lessons I’m teaching my son, and how I express them.

And now, I’m prepared to share them with you.

If you are ready to learn what I believe to be the role of an amazing father, who you ACTUALLY are to your child, and what you represent to him or her, tune in for this and more!

- Enjoy the show!

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