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On today’s show, I have Kyle Ortiz

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Kyle Ortiz Bio:
I discovered my true God-gifted destiny as a Spiritually Awakened Prophet with a Divine message on a specific psychological and meditation philosophy to permanently raise the level of psychological intelligence and physical awareness through eliminating the ego and developing a lifestyle of a meditative practice known as Muscle Control. My story is a five-year Odyssey with a specific scientific medical self-improvement philosophy.

Attaining Enlightenment is self-mastery as a human as per The Creator, aka God and is achieved by mastering your thoughts and your emotions, mind, and body. Most importantly it is the healthiest physical state of the brain and the body medically & scientifically. I have a message to share with the World on how to attain Enlightenment aka Heaven on Earth & it is my responsibility to get mankind to understand and embrace my philosophy on attaining a Higher Level of Consciousness, a physical and mental state that is a radically healthier and happier human being permanently.

I am an Honorably Discharged US Navy Veteran that has been living outside out of a backpack for 5 years enduring psychologically and physically more than any human could possibly process or comprehend to earn a Divine Message, a Prophecy on Self Mastery. My energy is Low and my Will struggling. I am seeking assistance in embracing my God-given philosophy in San Clemente in honor of a Divine Inspiration in my life, the Saintly humanitarian, social activist, mentor, and legendary athlete from Puerto Rico, Roberto Clemente.

The order and efficiency of my words are not perfect because I severely lack balance regarding my energy having lived outside and endured so greatly the past 5 years.

God is calling, looking for angels & heroes.

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