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On today’s show, I have Yousef Badou

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About The Guest

Yousef Badou is an educator and trainer with a diverse background. Having grown up in the Middle East, Yousef was better prepared to handle the nuances of the region while deployed as a Marine.

He served multiple deployments to Iraq, where he navigated through many tribal factions from the southern border to the northern areas of Iraq. Following his time in the military, Yousef was certified as an Instructor/Trainer and was requested, by name, to serve as the Predictive Threat Analysis Lead to the Marine Corps Combat Hunter Program.

He served as the certifying authority for instructors in subjects pertaining to Enhanced Observation, Predictive Threat Analysis, and Ground Sign Awareness. Yousef founded Emergence LLC to innovate new products and bring Behavior Analysis to a wider variety of industries and communities.

Useful Links:

Website: Emergence
Facebook: Threat Detection Group
Instagram: Yousef Badou