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On today’s show, I have Michael Cazayoux

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About The Guest

Michael Cazayoux, president of WAG, specializes in helping his team and clients “get out of their own way” by identifying self-limiting beliefs and ineffective behaviors.

In fact, the back-to-back CrossFit World Cup Champion is no stranger to this unique process of self-examination. At the impressionable age of 17, Cazayoux confronted his own limiting beliefs and ineffective behaviors head-on, attending drug rehabilitation to overcome his addiction to opiates. It’s this experience that inspired a love of health and fitness on a personal level, which later translated into a passion for coaching and mentoring inside and out of the gym.

Prior to joining WAG, Michael cofounded Brute Strength, an online fitness training company, where he continues to contribute to operations and remains as the podcast host.

Beyond “the office,” the young entrepreneur is most proud of his marriage to Adee Cazayoux, his partner in love, life, and fitness. In his free time, Cazayoux enjoys backpacking, snowboarding, woodworking, bow shooting, hunting, and creating enormous value in people’s lives — especially his closest family and friends.

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