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On today’s show, I have Annie Lalla

Annie and I connect on human emotions of a man and man’s role in a relationship. She unravels how men tend to use logic over emotion, and she enlightens the importance of accepting emotions as a human and in a relationship dynamic.

Annie and I break down what it is to be fully human in masculine form by understanding the nature of a man’s feelings (3:00).

She dissects different levels of how a man’s identity evolves from early childhood and how to accept those emotions by taking responsibility (4:40).

Annie teaches with a woman’s perspective and expectation of a man’s ability to master their emotion, especially ANGER, and what questions men should ask themselves (34:32).

Finally, she defines a man’s role with their partner in the relationship (40:33).

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Annie holds a Honors Science Degree in Biology & Philosophy (minor in Buddhism), her studies include evolutionary psychology, integral theory, spiral dynamics, intergenerational family systems, and therapeutic sexuality. With professional certifications in Coaching, NLP, and Clinical Hypnosis, my tools extend to metaphoric narrative, role-play, and interacting with clients as their highest selves.

Useful Links:

Website: Annie Lalla
Instagram: Annie Lalla