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It’s 5am, you’re already at work, you ate a garbage dinner last night, the baby kept waking you up….. But at 5pm you’re hitting the gym and hammer your body into submission to relieve the stress of the day, because that’s what MEN do, right?

I’m here to tell you today that I’ve been there and you more than likely are just spinning your wheels and leaving progress on the table tackling training this way.

I was THAT guy, business owner, still on active duty, wife, baby on the way and anything else you can imagine a young buck focused on taking over the world would be doing.

Rinse and repeat, Monday – Friday, telling myself “you got this.” Problem was, I didn’t, my health suffered.

I was putting the time in at the gym but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted and worse I felt like I was regressing. More days than not I felt run down, unmotivated, and generally like crap.

Then it hit me, I was out of balance, the way I was training didn’t match the stress I was putting on my body, it was just adding to it.

- Enjoy the show!

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