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What’s Coming Up On The Show…

On today’s show, we have 2 guests – Garret Adkins and Marc Angelo Coppola of Super Hero Academy.

Super Hero Academy has been an unbelievable place for people to go and learn how to market and grow their business and, they also throw amazing masterminds all over the world. I can testify to their amazing work because I spent a week with them in Costa Rica.

We talk about:

  • Super Hero Academy and the creation of it
  • Freedom Culture and how Marc Angelo defines this amazing concept
  • What millennials really value in life and how to reach them
  • How to deal with your anger and use it in a positive manner
- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Garrett is the man behind the curtain when it comes to creating virality around social initiatives and partner in Superhero Academy. A passionate storyteller who seeks genius in both messages and people to 10x their reach online and continuously offer the “Morpheus Red Pill” of education and inspiration for developing oneself. He believes we are constantly going through transitions of improvement and many are looking for a tribe to communicate, grow and educate one another. Garrett wants to be that connector and source through the messages he crafts online

Having co-founded the Valhalla Movement Foundation – Marc Angelo is a character dedicated to having an impact. Defining success in unconventional measures he has earned a living by applying the skills of entrepreneurship and marketing for a cause. Marc Angelo is also the founder behind Superhero Academy – striving to empower social entrepreneurs and sustainable business leaders to be bold – dynamic – engaging storytellers – aka everyday superheroes – that will change the world through their actions and the movements they help inspire. Marc’s thirst for exploring and the pursuit of new ideas and ways to growing the sustainability movement into a mainstream lifestyle is unquenchable.

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