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You may be wondering to yourself where to begin YOUR personal development journey.

What is the best place to begin for ME?

I get it, it can be very overwhelming to attempt to sift through all the information out there, and figure out what the right answer is for you. Especially when you are already busy, you know… running your life.

Today I’m going to walk you through a little “Self Awareness 101”, to show you what I have found to be the best place to start your journey and build the most momentum quickly.

I warn you though – it will save you YEARS of fumbling around trying to figure it out on your own, so don’t watch this if you enjoy that sort of thing 😉

Here’s what to expect:

In this show, I discuss “Self Awareness 101”, what kind of mentor you should be looking for, and what kind of coach you need.

(0:30-1:27) The two types of avatars; feminine or masculine.

(1:47-4:15) Feminine or Inner Energy: positives/negatives & type of coach you need.

(4:17-6:40) Masculine or Selfish Energy: positive/negatives & the type of coach you need.

- Enjoy the show!

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