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In this episode, Angelo and Shawn talk in depth of his military experiences.

Shawn provides many examples where he counseled and mentored different cadets through different traumas.

He breaks down the military psychology to overcome different fears and lessons from their experiences.

(9:47- 14:55) He explains his evolution of studying psychology from his military experience.

(15:56 – 21:20) Shawn explains what lessons are best to use the “slap’ vs. “caress” to teach.

(36:10 – 39:42) Shawn reveals his intention and reason for joining the military.

(40:27 – 45:20) He gives his opinion on why the US culture doesn’t build boys to men.

(1:00:43 – 1:02:35) Angelo shares his first true experience of crying.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Shawn Burnah is a 30 year Army Veteran. After bringing Soldiers to war and back home for 9 combat tours, he has refocused his attention on ending the war at home (Soldier Suicide) along with aiding men and women who are divorced or divorcing.

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