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There is a really good chance that you are walking around living a BIG LIE.

A lie so big, that you’ve tricked yourself into believing it, yet EVERYONE around you can see it.

Your wife, your coworkers, even your kids have you pegged for this one.

However, once YOU see it, you immediately have the ability to break the spell and have one of the most powerful realizations of your life.

Join me as I pull back the curtain on the lie, and show you exactly what to do about it.

What you can expect:

In this episode, Angelo reveals the “Big Lie You Keep Telling Yourself” and continues to keep things real.

(2:57 – 3:26) The hardest part about Your Lie.

(4:30 – 6:15) Facing the Real World and Nature.

(6:20 – 8:00) The Separator (“The Call”) from a Boy to a Man.

(9:45 – 12:03) Start with this exercise and see how you’re showing up to the world.

- Enjoy the show!

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