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In this episode, PJ and Angelo dive into a bunch of different areas of training that include the power of breathing, the power of mentorship and ways to reach your full potential.

With PJ’s background as a high performance athletic coach, he gives different perspectives on these topics that are relatable and can be implemented into your everyday life.

(1:42 – 7:36) PJ walks us thru a breathing exercise (Warning: DON’T DRIVE)

(10:25 – 13:07) PJ unveils his discovery to power of breathing

(13:50 – 16:22) The main focus and mastery when it comes to breathing for training.

(50:22 – 58:36) PJ talks about his vision in creating an athletic pyramid.

(1:08:55 – 1:15:15) The biggest challenge we face as humans to reach our potential.

(1:18:30 – 1:24:20) Finding the fine line between properly using technology in the fitness world.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Coach PJ is a human performance specialist with over 13 years of experience preparing top athletes from the UFC, NFL, and NHL for competition. Outside of training top athletes, Coach PJ is devoted to education, sharing his knowledge and experience with the purpose of elevating the fitness profession. In his role as Director of Performance for XPT, Coach PJ’s focus entails researching & developing educational curriculums around XPT’s Breathe-Move-Recover pillars and teaching certification programs for health & fitness professionals around the world.

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