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In this episode, Angelo and Cal talk about their experience of serving, coaching and being a father. They go in depth of sharing how gratitude, surrendering, and taking action has been their foundation to their growth.

(3:55 – 10:35) When Cal’s servitude started in Chicago and coaching

(10:57 – 17:20) Angelo and Cal share how crying releases a sense of gratitude

(20:30 – 23:50) How Cal learned to serve in his life

(27:48 – 40:50) Cal shares his 2017’s epiphany & life transformation.

(42:00 – 47:13) The value in just being there, showing up and accepting.

(55:10 – 1:05:23) The next chapter in Cal’s life (investing in crypto, stocks, & business).

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Cal Callahan is a retired trader, who now coaches & podcasts to help other men redefine their lives from purpose. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, daughter, two boys, two dogs, and a pig named Petunia.

Cal runs and hosts The Great Unlearn Podcast to have conversations with some the world’s leading experts & performers to help men unlearn their way into a new way of being.

Whether it’s figuring out how to navigate a relationship, dealing with your emotions, diving into spirituality, or just feeling comfortable in your own skin, Cal and friends navigate the choppy waters of what it really takes to unlearn all the ideas we’ve picked up along the way that no longer serve us — and how to find ourselves & track our path.

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