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In the movie that is your life you are either playing the Victim or the Hero.

As you read that statement one of two things happened.

One, you pumped your chest up and denied that you are a victim, or two you paused and began wondering which you are Either reaction, do you REALLY know the difference?

Isn’t time you found out the TRUTH?

What to expect:

In this episode, Angelo explains the difference of being the victim or hero in your life. Then, he explains the starting points to change from victim to hero.

(1:48 – 4:30) Being a victim in your life.

(4:35 – 10:00) Angelo’s victim story in his life.

(10:45 – 11:47) The most important step to getting out of your victimhood.

(12:05 – 14:19) Stepping into a Hero in your life.

- Enjoy the show!

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