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Matt Walrath helps nutrition & health coaches go from side hustle to 6-figure business.

Matt started out side hustling as a health coach in 2013 and after struggling to get enough traction to go full time things finally clicked in 2015 and he had a waiting list of clients.

Over the next 4 years he hired a staff of coaches and developed a system for delivering VIP experiences to every client.

And in 2019, after receiving daily job applications from other struggling coaches, he decided to start teaching others how to find success in their own coaching business.

What to expect in this episode:
(11:17- 16:02) Matthew shares his leadership in his men’s group.

(16:45 – 18:55) His transition from building warriors to establishing his kingdom.

(19:20 – 23:21) Matthew shares his story in developing himself.

(28:40 – 32:36) Matthew’s liberation experience in his day to day.

(36:00 – 38:52) Where Matthew gets the most pleasure in coaching.

(56:28 – 1:00:15) The area that Matthew is looking to advance in 2021

- Enjoy the show!

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