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Danny Yeager has been a lifelong student of strength and conditioning. A retired firefighter with over 16 years of experience in CrossFit, Danny has become well versed in the human movement.

Currently he is founder and owner of CrossFit Kingfield in Minneapolis, has worked as an instructor on The Art of Breath seminar staff with Brian Mackenzie and Rob Wilson, and most recently has become the director of performance for Shift Adapt.

Throughout his career, Danny’s ideologies have been centered around longevity and the coaching. He firmly believes that a coach must first teach people to learn about how they communicate with themselves as a way of highlighting how conversation influences performance, individually.

Once that awareness has been established, athletes can begin to look at movement as a means towards unlocking their potential.

His approach has long supported the core belief that perfect movement is a skill, and if we are truly seeking to move with a purpose, we are also willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

Danny has always been one to push the envelope in anything he pursues. His mantra is to never settle for the notion of comfort, rather pursue the things that present themselves to be perplexing and uncomfortable at best, because it is in those moments, where true growth of self happens.

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