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JR Simich is a serial optimist and natural-born entrepreneur. As one of the co-founders and VP of sales at Vive Organic, he spends his days closing accounts and educating people about the powerful, cold-pressed wellness shots.

JR’s story is one of optimism, creativity and commitment. In the early days, JR sold Vive out of the back of his truck in Venice Beach. Sales were steady, but days were long, and he knew they needed to get into local markets.

He could have pitched to natural grocery buyers like every other food entrepreneur, but he had something more unconventional in mind.

Before dawn each day, JR started showing up at the nearby Whole Foods in El Segundo to work for free.

He stocked shelves, befriended the employees and learned the retail business from the ground up. A few months later, JR’s new friends introduced him to the store buyer, and pretty soon Vive Organic was being stocked on shelves at Whole Foods Market.

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