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Matthew Paetz is the CEO of eMPower Coaching — an innovative coaching practice where he helps clients turn the darkest parts of their past into a path to purpose.

Unlike traditional therapy, Matthew chooses to be completely vulnerable and transparent with his clients.

His story consists of sexual abuse, substance abuse, becoming an escort, a near suicide attempt, and having all of these skeletons be made available for public consumption by many media publications.

Instead of running from his past, he believes that by showing people how he was able to integrate it with his present, that he will inspire others to make the same shift.

With Matthew leading by example, he exemplifies the fact that those who have been through the worst are meant to do the most.

Matthew also teaches others to live in their truth in his online community.

In The Community, people will learn different tactics and strategies from both Matthew himself and other experts from a variety of different fields.

The purpose behind the community is to have a number of different personalities for students to learn from so they can find what they best resonate with.

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