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Jeff Byers is the co-founder and CEO of Amp Human– a human performance company and venture-backed startup based in Park City, Utah.

They work with the world’s best athletes and teams, including Super Bowl and Stanley Cup Champions, and Tour de France winners.

In addition, Amp Human has assembled one of the best scientific advisory boards in the industry to help push innovation and research forward.

Their flagship product, PR Lotion, gives the body more bicarb (a natural electrolyte) to neutralize lactic acid in muscles which allows athletes to push harder, feel better, and go longer.

Prior to starting Amp Human, Jeff was an early member of a biotech company for 3 years, which inspired him to build Amp Human.

At the biotech he and his co-founder saw an opportunity within the biotech to leverage its technology outside of medicine and in the human performance space and establish themselves at the forefront of human performance.

Before his business career, Jeff attended the University of Southern California, where he was a 2-time captain and a multiple year starter for their championship football team.

While playing he graduated with his undergraduate degree in 3 years and proceeded to earn his masters in business administration before entering the NFL.

He had a 4 year career in the NFL, mostly for the Carolina Panthers, serving as a backup but also starting a handful of games.

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