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I, Edward Madden am a proud Bostonian, currently residing south of Boston in the city of Quincy, MA. I’m the son of hard working Blue Collar Man also named Eddie. My mother was a very fashionable, confident, and playful woman. They were both from Boston. I am a family man who like most, has suffered many losses in life. The loss of My mother, and only sister has awakened great masculine responsibility in my life.

I have many pastimes and wear many hats. I own and operate a small paving business with my father. This business is my main source of income and has taught me a lot about life. Additionally, I have been coaching High School Football at my alma mater, Blue Hills High School for 15 years and I also serve as a volunteer strength & conditioning coach there. I have over a decade a high volume bartending experience. I finished that chapter of my life as a general manager of busy sports bar night club in 2017.

Since then I have integrated my passions for holistic health, positive psychology, and ancestral wisdom to co-create a wellness movement named “Ice & Iron” that hosts monthly wellness workshops and hosts destination retreats for small groups of men. I’m a life long student, open to everything and attached to nothing.

My purpose is to inspire growth in myself and those around me so that we can leave this realm in a better condition than which we found it.

- Enjoy the show!

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