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Gibroni’s Pizza is the brainchild of Tony and Lindsey Gioutsos (YOU-chus). A native of Detroit, Tony grew up on the square pizza. What is Detroit style pizza? Slightly thick with sauce on top, cheese all the way to the edge of the buttery crust, crispy on the edges, crispy on the bottom, soft in the middle.

The magic is in the pans. You could say Tony was born into the restaurant business; his Dedo (grandpa) owned Starr Coney Island on Nine Mile in Detroit. Immigrants from Greece, the whole family lived above the establishment, and it became famous in the area for Coney dogs and breakfast service.

In 2005, Tony met Lindsey at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. Since then they’ve been adventuring together. After time in Charlotte, North Carolina and Austin, Texas (where they ran a food truck together), they decided to head for the beach and chose San Clemente to put down roots. The only downside? No Detroit-style pizza.

“I wanted the taste of back home.” said Tony. When the shutdown happened, Tony and Lindsey leaned on their food truck experience and started experimenting with pizza. Just like that, Gibroni’s Pizza was born.

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