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Ian Gilligan coaches individuals and corporate teams wanting to master science-backed approaches to stress resilience and exceptional performance. His newest offering is Peak Performing Parents (“3P”). In 3P, parents learn highly reliable approaches to processing stress and staying the course at the most important job of their lives: being a parent. The next launch of 3P is in January 2022. You can apply by contacting him through his Instagram or through email Ian[at]

After studying Philosophy and Physics in college, Ian embarked on a decade-long career in corporate banking which culminated in burn-out. His mission now is to share the highly reliable tools he learned to restore his energy and drive to parents and corporations around the globe. Learn more at

Ian is also a fitness enthusiast and creator of The Kettlebell Collective: An online source of robust and affordable education for personal trainers and kettlebell enthusiasts. Learn more here: @Kettlebell_Collective.

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