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Paul Roseberry is a confidence and dating coach, stand up comic, and storyteller. Starting his journey in the sticks of Portsmouth, NH, he chased his dreams around NYC, Boston, and now Los Angeles. He’s always chosen to live life for the story – and has definitely been on some wild rides!

Paul didn’t plan to get into coaching. He’d just seen so much, worked through so much, and learned so much about communication and relationship skills, that he found himself helping guys at work with their girlfriends. He’d resolve a breakup during their lunch break, and help a guy out of the doghouse in between client meetings. He found out that his methods worked and the word got out, and before he knew it, guys he barely knew were coming up to him on the street and referrals started pouring in. He sees relationships like a chiropractor sees a spine; he recognizes misalignment and genuinely enjoys straightening things out; he love this stuff and loves seeing it work!

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