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On today’s show, I interview the great Mike Bledsoe! Mike and I talk about his mission to heal the fitness industry. We also go into crazy marketing for supplements, and last but certainly not least we talk about his program Strong Coach.

He’s really passionate about helping coaches upgrade their prescription to be better coaches out there. An amazing mission for Mike right now, super excited to see my buddy really focused on doing great things.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Mike Bledsoe’s personal life mission is to heal the fitness industry. Being attracted to training and eating consciously in his early teens has created a lifelong love affair with tuning the human body into optimal states of health and performance.
As the years wore on, moving from bodybuilding routines, to military special warfare training, to running races, Weightlifting, CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Strongman. Nothing seemed to check the boxes. No matter how much his body transformed the battle was constant. Health and happiness were just on the horizon, yet to be reached.

Throughout Mike’s fitness journey he also trained others along the way professionally. Personal Training became a part of his life in his teen years and transformed into owning his own CrossFit gym starting in 2007 in Memphis, TN. In 2009 that the realities of owning his own business started to set in. This was also the year that his father committed suicide. It was time for Mike to “grow up” at the age of 27 and began studying business alongside learning to be a better coach.
It was at that time that the coaching business started to make sense.

In 2012, Mike, along with some friends, started one of the most popular health and fitness podcasts on the scene, Barbell Shrugged. During that time he created online coaching programs for athletes, and began coaching coaches and gym owners about business. Since then the business and podcast has taken many turns with lessons to boot.

In 2018, he and his co-founders, Doug Larson and Anders Varner, launched the Shrugged Collective, a network of health and fitness influencers. The industry is full of varying information. The Collective is creating a place that people can trust that they’re getting the highest quality advice possible.

Simultaneously, Mike launched The Strong Coach program. The first personal and professional development program for trainers and coaches. Students are led through a process to discovering what they really want out of life and aligning their coaching business to impact their client’s lives in the biggest way possible. Graduates have gone on to open gyms, take their business online, and even start their own certifications.

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