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On today’s show, I have my great friend Orion Melehan of LIFEAID. Orion serves as the CEO and Founder of LIFEAID. In this show, he talks about his inspiration for being an entrepreneur, he talks about his side of what it was like to create the LifeAID brand and how house music has shaped his life forever. A really amazing entrepreneurial story.

Orion had a lot of insights here from a business and entrepreneur perspective, as well as an artist from being a DJ and a musician in his earlier life. Really love him and I adore his insights, I hope you do as well.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Orion Melehan is the co-founder and CEO of LIFEAID Beverage Company, a fast-growing producer of functional beverages. A beverage outsider with a big idea, Orion borrowed $30,000 from his 401(k) to fund LIFEAID with his friend and co-founder Dr. Aaron Hinde in 2011 – while the economy was still in crisis. In the eight years since, the two have grown LIFEAID into an international brand using an unconventional route-to-market – selling to non-traditional accounts and leveraging ecommerce via digital marketing. Their products are now sold in tens of thousands of retailers including Whole Foods, Walmart, CVS, Kroger, Safeway, 7-11 with distribution to over 22 countries. They have 500,000+ engaged social media followers, and have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, San Jose Mercury News and BevNet. Today LIFEAID is a rising star in the better-for-you food and beverage industry, making the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies in America three years in a row. Ask Orion and he’ll tell you that LIFEAID will continue to disrupt traditional sports and energy drink segments with their brand of lifestyle oriented functional products.

Orion and his family live in the mountains of Santa Cruz, CA where he was also born and raised. He believes that the Santa Cruz free thinking lifestyle and wealth of outdoor recreational activities continues to be part of the fabric of the company. Orion graduated from UC Santa Barbara and prior to launching LIFEAID had his own practice as a Certified Financial Planner®. In his personal time, he enjoys Djing, traveling, gardening, personal development, CrossFit® and golf.

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