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On today’s show, I interview Paris Robinson. Paris Robinson grew up in Richmond, Virginia, was exposed to a harsh criminal element that he found motivating in his youth, and he was shot four times in the chest and is now in a wheelchair.

Paris goes deep into his story of why these things motivated him to live a life this way, his journey of being in and out of prison, being in and out of rehab, and how he spends his days now motivating others in wheelchairs to live a more fulfilled life.

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About The Guest

I was born and raised in Richmond to a single mother with an older brother who went to John Marshall High School. I have a son and a daughter. My father past away when my mother was seven months pregnant with me. I have had struggles with heroin addiction, been to prison twice both state and federal and, was shot in the chest four times and is now disabled in a wheelchair since 1998. Haven’t used any drug or alcohol for over two years. Now instead of using my disability as an excuse why I can’t do something. I try to motivate other people with or without a disability that they still have the power to succeed, all you need is the will, no excuses.

Useful Links:

Website: Paris Robinson