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On today’s episode, I interview my dear friend and all-around amazing guy, Paul Buono. Paul and I reflect on the last three years of his life. He moved from the east coast to Colorado, he started competing in the sport of CrossFit, he had a relationship, got engaged, and is now not engaged. We also talk about his recent diagnosis of Lupus. This is an amazing episode that we go really deep on. I really hope that you enjoy this episode.

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About The Guest

My name is Paul Buono. Up until February of this year, I would have introduced myself as a CrossFit Games athlete. I would have told you about my experience in both participation and coaching of the sport of CrossFit because I allowed those endeavors to comprise my entire identity. However, this year has presented a new challenge for myself. In April, I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus. If you are unaware of what SLE Lupus is, you can read more here.

This challenge has absolutely dropped me to my knees. I have had to dive deeper into my purpose, the meaning of life and all of my shadows that I have established over the years of chasing ego-based goals. Now, I am on a journey to chase enlightenment, fulfillment, and change as many lives as possible through vulnerability, compassion, and connection as I can.

So, now, who am I? I am a son, a brother, an uncle, brother-in-law, and friend. I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, snowboarding, and training. However, I am not a rock climber, hiker, snowboarder or athlete. I work my hardest to not carry the labels from my activities as my identity. I am just a person, trying my best, every day.

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Website: Paul Buono