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On today’s show, I have the amazing Ashley Bledsoe. She and I go balls deep in relationships on this episode. Everything about them, about communication, about how you can have better quality relationships. All the work that she has been doing in her personal relationship. Also she shares some major road bumps and milestones in her relationship, that have helped her have the amazing relationship she has today.

I’m really happy to share this with you. I think that it is so important, that relationships affect all of our life, and you could say that the better quality of relationships the better life that we have.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Ashley Bledsoe is the creator of The Communication Code: Redefine Your Relationship Course.  She guides couples to create a powerful partnership, through the “Reset Method”.

Her personal life mission is to heal romantic relationships. In her own relationship, she discovered how much you can heal, learn and grow with each other.

It was because of her own experience and curiosity of discovering why we choose the partners we do, and why our relationship changes over time. She has learned we can create the relationships we want and guides other couples how to do it for their own relationship.

Useful Links:

Website: Ashley Bledsoe
Linktree: @mrs.bledsopia