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On today’s show, I have my muse, my soul mate, my love warrior Rocio Sisco. I’ve been waiting to get her on the show for quite a while now and I’m super excited that we actually found some time to knock it out.

We talk about her, her journey, what she’s focused on right now in her career and what she is really passionate about, her amazing new program Warrioress, and we also talk about our journey and our relationship, and we play it back and forth with each other about how things felt and how we interpreted things and what our love journey has been like thus far.

I know this episode is a little bit different than our usual episodes, and if you guys are enjoying this I would love to hear some more feedback about this. If you want more episodes like this, things about couples and relationships, and everything—Rocio and I are far from perfect but we are happy to be as open and vulnerable and share what we are going through if that really serves you guys.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Rocio Sisco is a fitness and nutrition advocate who has spent the last 10 years helping people with their physical health through the inspiration of her own transformation, Crossfit coaching, and personal training.

In the last 3 years, she has been awakened to the importance of health, not only in the physical, but emotional, spiritual, and mental as well. She has transitioned her role from a “personal trainer” to an “interpersonal trainer” though her Warrioress Evolution coaching program where she leads badass, unstoppable women in fulfilling a life of purpose and freedom.

Useful Links:

Facebook: Rocio Sisco
Instagram: Rocio_Sisco
Instagram: The Warrioress Evolution