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On today’s episode, I have 40-44-year-old 7th fittest man in the universe, athlete, and friend Joe Corvo. Joe Corvo has been my athlete for the last four years, 4½ years now in CrossFit. It has been an amazing journey working with him.

But Joe also has an amazing story of playing in the NHL for almost over a decade at this point, and he is sharing that with you on this episode. I really love hearing Joe’s journey of things that came up for him; little chances or things that you may have taken as downfalls were actually ways that he made it further in his career.

He talks about his entire journey from youth playing hockey all the way up to retiring and getting in the sport of CrossFit.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Joe played in the NHL for almost over a decade, during that time he played for the Los Angeles Kings, Ottawa Senators, Carolina Hurricanes, Washington Capitals, and Boston Bruins.

When Joe retired from the NHL he changed his focus to CrossFit where he made the 2018 games in the 40-44-year-old division and placed 7th overall.

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