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On today’s show, I have my dear friend, brother, amazing coach, Ryan Bucciantini from OPEX North San Diego with me. Ryan and I have been on an amazing two year journey where I actually met him in a retreat in Southern California where I had a major breakthrough for myself personally and Ryan also had one there, so we shared that moment, and from there being gym owners and people that are trying to do better things with their lives for ourselves personally and for others, we’ve just been working together nonstop since, whether it be in business or just on personal and self-development.

Ryan had lots of amazing things to share and a lot of amazing insight. It was just great to have him talk and really hear what he feels is important for people and for himself to really develop and stay on track.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Ryan Bucciantini is the owner, founder, and visionary here at OPEX San Diego North. He founded OPEX San Diego North with a simple (but important) goal – to help people move better while living a more purpose-filled life. He was on active duty in the US Coast Guard for 14 years and now leads OPEX full-time, pursuing his passion for helping people improve their health and fitness.

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