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On today’s show, I have a return guest Sam Pogue. I asked Sam to be back on the show to talk about his next journey and his past couple of years of revelations from working at Onnit and what it’s been like to create one of the biggest networks of anyone in the fitness industry.

I hope you really enjoy this show. I love bringing return guests on so you could see the evolution because I’m sure you are going through things in your life and it takes time to see things evolve. I had Sam on the show when we were originally recording the show back in May of 2018, and this early 2019. So, Sam also has an evolution and he would love to share it with everyone.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Sam Pogue is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Onnit. Onnit is a lifestyle, supplements, fitness equipment, fitness education company.

He also teaches education for the honor academy which is a fitness education platform via Onnit. He teaches seminars to trainers or end users, people who are interested in learning more about the way that Onnit personifies our mission of fitness and how we choose to deliver that experience for people to be successful.

The third component of his job is sports performance coaching in the gym, here in Houston, Texas. He mostly focuses around baseball and so he has the luxury and the opportunity to work with some amazing major league baseball players, he gets to spend time with, and coach, and travel and go see. As a baseball fan that’s been pretty magical for him as well.

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Website: Onnit Academy