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On today’s show, I have my friend and amazing business owner, Tyler Sullivan. We talk about how we met – which is actually a funny story – and we go deeper into his journey in owning his gym. We also talk about his family and how he’s decided to home-school his kids which I think is a very interesting topic.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Tyler Sullivan has been CrossFitting since 2008, and he’s passionate about helping people believe that they can do anything they put their minds, actions, and efforts behind.
“After seeing what was possible for people through good health and real fitness, and experiencing this transformation myself, I wanted everyone to experience it,” Tyler says. “I knew what I could offer was a truly caring environment, and I wanted everyone to see that it is possible to be better with the right person behind them. Six years later, I opened up BCF and have changed thousands of lives. I am beyond grateful to have this opportunity to help.”
Tyler was the trainer for the ABC’s Hit TV show Extreme Weight Loss and competed in the CrossFit Games Regionals four times. Him, his wife Amy and two children reside in Pewaukee, right outside of Milwaukee.

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