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On Today’s show, I talk with motivation guru Dennis Timpanaro.

Dennis has a very, very interesting story from working to qualifying in the Olympics, from never competing in a certain sport, to really understanding what is motivation, this concept that is driving many of us to seek, feel that we are lacking, or having any sort of thoughts on it. I think at some level we all think about being motivated in particular in certain areas of our lives. Dennis is creating a course and an application with GOtivation that is very, very fascinating, and I think that the concepts that he is helping us learn and teach are just very special.

I really hope that you enjoy the show and really learn a lot of things. I took a bunch of notes while Dennis and I were talking about different types of motivation, and where I might fall, and understanding myself. I hope that you do as well.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Dennis has a seemingly endless supply of motivation. He’s an entrepreneur, former world-ranked archer, and founder of GOtivation.  Dennis loves meeting new people and is happy to share his crazy life experiences ranging from the 2016 Olympic Trials, career as a global director at McDonalds, and years of consulting.

Dennis lives just outside Chicago.  He can often be found playing Nintendo with his 6-year old son, telling dad-jokes to his newborn daughter, trying new foods with his wife, and growing exotic vegetables.

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Website: GOtivation