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On today’s show, I have my dear friend, amazing gym owner and coach, Todd Nief. Some of you may have referred to him as Todd Knife or Todd Neff, but I am here reassuring you that it’s Todd Nief.

We talk about everything from owning a gym, being an introvert, what it was like growing up for Todd, how he is a musician and how that’s applied to his life now as a coach. Me and him just really shoot the shit on this one. Todd and I have a history of having these great in-depth conversations, and I thought it would be fun to hit record on one of them.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

I own a gym in downtown Chicago called South Loop Strength & Conditioning and coach athletes through a company called Legion Strength & Conditioning.

I also run a podcast called “Todd Nief’s Show” where I talk to people who I find interesting and try to understand their mental models for how they think about the world, and I play in a death metal band called Like Rats.

Useful Links:

Website: South Loop
Twitter: SouthLoopSC
Facebook: SouthLoopsc

Website: Legion

Website: Todd Nief
Instagram: Todd Knife
Twitter: Todd Knife