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On today’s show, I have gym owner, Kolbe expert, and my buddy, Brian Alexander. We talk everything to do with gym ownership. We also get much deeper into this Kolbe test.

Brian has been studying this idea of taking this Kolbe test that helps you test your instincts, something that has been so valuable for me as a man, a person, something that I’d work with my teams on. This is an incredible podcast to listen to if you are wondering how you work, how you can develop better people, and how you can make yourself and your work situation and your relationships better.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Brian often jokes that he graduated with an MBA from the School of Hard Knocks.  Having opened many businesses in his lifetime he has learned a great deal with some failing, one nearly breaking him, and others with the right idea’s with the wrong timing.  Through (and due to) all of the adversity, he has come out of it smarter and more well rounded.
Brian believes in nurturing the mind, body and soul and is happiest when experimenting and innovating.  
What does he do now:

  • Connector of Dots at CrossFit Illumine
  • Kolbe Certified Consultant
  • Connector of Dots at Illumine Academy  
  • Expressing the Genius Within – Team engagements utilizing the Kolbe Index and other tools for the corporate world (Teams, Leaders and Individual coaching around strengths)

Brian is always swimming against the current, innovating, taking calculated risks and make every effort to continue to be a game changer within the industry.  Brian has strong leadership skills and believes in making your strengths your super powers and outsourcing the rest. Ask anyone who knows Brian and they will tell you that he cannot stand still for too long and loves the process of architecting/creating and building businesses.  He is a great coach, good-great athlete but where his passion shines brightest is in creating business strategies and big picture thinking. Moving chess pieces on the board of life.

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