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On today’s show, I have an amazing author and founder of The Greatness Movement Kenny Weiss.

Kenny has written a book, Your Journey To Sucess: How To Accept The Answer’s You Discover Along The Way. I was passed along this book by one of our guests Ryan Buchantini, and he raved about it. I got ahold of Kenny and was able to have him on the show.

I was so excited to have Kenny on the show that I had Ryan jump in as a co-host as well, so Ryan and I are tag-teaming Kenny on this show, and yes you can laugh at that joke if you like.

This is an amazing episode about development and trauma and just growing as a person. I think at some level everyone can relate to this.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Kenny Weiss is a Coach, Speaker, Author Podcast Host and Founder of The Greatness Movement. Through his own personal journey and nearly 30 years of studying what keeps people from achieving their inherent Greatness, Kenny discovered something he calls, “The Worst Day Cycle.”

Kenny’s journey included multiple addictions, two divorces, a bankruptcy, playing two professional sports he never wanted to play and contemplating suicide. In other words, he has not only studied the process, he has lived it and overcome it. Kenny has outlined that process in his highly reviewed book Your Journey To Success and the concepts discussed are the basis for The Greatness Movement who’s mission is to help everyone live in their inherent Greatness.

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