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On today’s episode, I have Layci Nelson, the founder of the Iron and Mortar Summit.

She’s given us the opportunity to give away a free ticket to their event to Alpha Hippie listeners… That’s awesome.

Visit to enter to win.

This is unlike any other functional fitness micro gym owner summit that’s out there. We have an amazing conversation talking about this. It’s specifically for gym owners.

The panel and speakers are unlike any other group that is assembled in the industry. Their mission is to not sell you into their mentorship program, it’s just to help you get better.

They don’t even have a mentorship program.

I love seeing people doing good for the sake of doing good.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

As a co-founder of the Iron + Mortar Summit, Layci Nelson brings over 18 years of experience and collaboration building in the non-profit sector. When she got drug into a box 5 years ago, she had no idea that the tremendous parallels in her life’s work and this corner of the fitness industry were about to collide. Her work included managing and building effective teams, mastering diplomacy and designing and implementing over 20 successful programs and initiatives to help people change the trajectory of their lives.
Her ability to see the big picture, quickly understand an organizations’ position in the context of the market and see opportunity for drawing in relevant partners provides valuable insight for planning for the future. She now has the honor of building a platform to benefit the front line life changers in an industry she has fallen in love with. The Iron + Mortar Summit cultivates conversation on topics pertaining to functional fitness business growth. By building a collaborative of diverse minds, we learn from each other and from those who have gone ahead. Together we help more people find health and love life beyond what they knew was possible.

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