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On today’s show, I have coach Austin O’Neal

Austin O’Neil at one time lived in Chicago and was a high-level functional fitness athlete, so I knew of him through social circles around us. He recently had some great changes in his life after he moved to Arizona with OPEX being an athlete giving up being an athlete and focusing on being an entrepreneur. He just a down to earth guy who lives s in a van. He’s got an amazing story.

Part of me is really fascinated by somebody who can give it all up and go for what they believe in, I think a part of us all aspires to feel that way and be free.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

I’m a full-time coach who teaches others how to live their best life possible through lifestyle design, fitness, nutrition and the great outdoors. I eat and breathe coaching, my own personal development, and adventure. I have eliminated everything that doesn’t fit under those life themes. I’ve done so by taking on a minimalistic lifestyle by living full-time in a van. Living in a van with my girlfriend and two dogs has been a game changer for me by allowing me to detach from things that are not me, narrow my focus on the things that matter, and push the limits of what is thought possible. One of the many things I’ve come to realize while living in a van is that anyone can live their best life possible. Being able to pass on the things that I have learned and continue to learn along the way in order for others to live their own best lives has been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. I hope to get this message to as many people as possible.

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