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Meet Dr. Bryan Pankow – he’s a chiropractor in applied kinesiology in his place up in Ottawa, Canada.

We had an amazing conversation about something called EFT or emotional freedom technique. This has to do with your body holding on to trauma physically and that can cause you pain and ailments.

Those of you that know that I’m a hippie and that I really love figuring out all these things and getting past trauma. I hope you guys just want to learn new things about how you can be improving your life.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Dr. Bryan’s professional focus is on making the best even better. His clientele include tier 1 and 2 Special Forces Operators, Elite Law Enforcement, Olympia competitors, and many other athletes; as well as military and first responders with PTSD. In his clinical practice he uses Applied Kinesiology to his chiropractic background with eastern medicine, nutrition, osteopathy, physiology and emotional recall to address client’s structural, chemical, and emotional components to their health and performance. Dr. Bryan currently owns two clinics in the Ottawa area and speaks publicly about health, wellness, and mindfulness. *As an aside* NET is probably one of the more similar techniques to the Emotional Recall work I do

Useful Links:

Website: Nobility Chirpractic
Instagram: Dr Bryan Pankow
Facebook: Dr Bryan Pankow