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On today’s episode, I have Brian Muka of Fear Sherpa.

Brian specializes in helping people work with their fear, become a friend to it and, and to really work with it instead of just overcoming it. We debunk that idea in this episode. I love having people on the show that are about helping people for one, but also more importantly about helping people realize that the goal is to not have certain things in your life. The goal is to have the tools and the why’s behind the tools so you can overcome the challenges that you are having in your life and, that is something that Brian is really passionate about.

He is a former bomb technician, so he knows what it is like to be under pressure and really work under these situations. I really had some great conversations with him.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Brian Muka, the Fear Sherpa, is a performance coach who teaches people not to overcome fear, but rather how to harness it for their next breakthrough. The key isn’t working harder, but rather understanding and taming our most important relationship and ally, Fear.

After achieving his dream of becoming a Navy Bomb Tech and Platoon Commander, he was faced with his own fear: both short-term and long-term. His short-term fear was based on jumping out of airplanes, fast-roping and rappelling out of helicopters – and that was just the commute to work – where he disabled explosives daily. The long-term fear he grappled with was feeling like an imposter in Navy Special Operations, as he wrestled with being discovered as a fake. This belief stole from him what he thought was his dream job.

He learned to use fear to his advantage in highly dangerous situations; including utilizing fear to sharpen his senses and quieting the Ego’s stories of not being good enough. Through exploring how to harness his own fear, he discovered that fear is actually the gatekeeper of joy, exhilaration and true freedom.

He used this to become his medical company’s sales professional of the year, prior to quitting that and leading the Fear Sherpa Mission full time. Here these stories and more with his book, Your Secret Superpower, Taming Fear to Thrive.

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