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Today’s guest is Chance Taureau. He is a consultant and, more importantly, I think he is a healer just trying to make people better and grow. I was connected to him by a previous guest Paul Bono.
We just dove deep into his journey through his own healing and what he had to do to get there. We covered some tips and tricks that people could be doing to really start their journey.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Owner Taureau Consulting, Certified Full Leader, The Mankind Project International, Certified Leader Trainer, The Mankind Project International
Chance Taureau’s private practice as well as the other organizations he serves have the mission to assist individuals find deeper, clearer understandings of themselves and their choices. This lays the foundation needed to make small, sustainable changes that last a lifetime to improve quality of life, health, and relationships. He has worked with thousands of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds toward results driven change.

He initially volunteered and has since become involved with The Mankind Project International in other capacities for over fifteen years now.

His other passions include teaching intercultural literacy, peace building, and developing programs and serving organizations for Armed Service Veterans with the great hope of helping them integrate back into society and share their gifts, beauty, and brilliance with their families and communities.
In his free time his loves to travel the world and pursue greater levels of fitness. He’s an avid indoorsman and could probably bench press you.

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Website : Taureau Consulting