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Just wrapped up a podcast with Nat Huerta of Queer Gym in Oakland California.

I met Nat a few years ago, doing some business mentoring for her. She and I hit it off right away and we had a great bond. She was an amazing business owner that has gone through some awesome experiences in her life. She felt that being overly masculine was the right way to go about running her business.

We hit it off from my perspective is because most of what Alpha Hippie represents is for men being able to access their feminine side. It was great for us to hit the ground running as friends and for mentoring.

I really wanted to talk with her and get in-depth with her amazing story. Nine years ago she created The Queer Gym in Oakland, which is a gym created for people who want to have a home.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

What do you get when you cross a former chubby kid and a former collegiate athlete with a lesbian, a fresh gen-y entrepreneur and an ass-kicking trainer? You get the Founder of The Queer Gym, Nathalie, of course!

For the past 6 years, Nathalie has shaped and evolved The Queer Gym –formerly The Perfect Sidekick– into what it is today based on her own experiences as a lesbian who is into fitness, but totally over all the extra bullshit she sees people (especially LGBTQ people) experience in a gym. An athlete all of her life and the 8th out of a family of ten, she knows a thing or two about building community and furthermore, empowering that community to take over the world one happy, healthy homo at a time!

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Website: The Queer Gym
Facebook: The Queer Gym
Instagram: The Queer Gym