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I just wrapped up a podcast with Stu Brauer.

Stu owns a gym in Charlotte called Urban Movement and has a consulting business called WTF Gym Talk, which is where I first stumbled across Stu from making some videos. WTF popped out to me which would make anybody check it out.

I was interested to get to know Stu on a deeper level than just surface stuff. When I see people with a big public persona I want to ask them questions that make me get to know who they really are and what they are doing and why.

We also dig into Stu’s family life along with all the things that come with that. Some of these things we talk about really hit home and made me realize why He does what he does.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Stuart Brauer is a 15-year student of strength and conditioning, and he was fortunate to find CrossFit in 2006 – his journey consists of humble beginnings making three figures and running park workouts to owning a million dollar gym (Urban MVMNT)

In 2015, his gym business was self-sustaining so he ventured into helping other microgym owners and built the media handle WTF Gym Talk to help provide solutions for the WTF!#%! moments we all have in our business.

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YouTube: WTF Gym Talk
Facebook: WTF Gym Talk
Instagram: WTF Gym Talk