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Those of you who have been in the Functional Fitness Community should have a good idea of who Carl Paoli is from things like his gymnastics technique and Parking Lot of Deams. He is an author and a creative human being.

He is currently going through some unbelievable path changes and on this podcast, you will hear about his courage and his vulnerability.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Carl Paoli is a Swedish-American Lifestyle Coach who grew up as an Elite gymnast in Spain. After retiring from gymnastics Carl graduated with a BS in Environmental Science from the University Miguel Hernandez.

It was Carl’s entrepreneurial spirit that brought him back to the US where he ended up pursuing his passion for Coaching which led him to find CrossFit and launching Gymnastics WOD in 2010, assisting Jami Tikkanen in coaching Annie Thorisdottir to win back to back CrossFit Games titles in 2011 and 2012, writing the New York Times Bestselling book Freestyle, becoming a member of the Ownership Group of STRIKE MVMNT a footwear and apparel brand where he currently serves as their Global Ambassador, and now Carl is founder of Freestyle Connection – a Media and Digital Learning company based in San Francisco, CA.

Useful Links:

Website: Free Style Connection
Facebook: Carl Paoli
Instagram: Carl Paoli