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My guest today is Tyler Quinn.

Tyler Quinn is one of the owners and creators of Alchemy 365. Which is a fitness class that is revolutionizing what people think about fitness and training in the Minneapolis and now the Denver area.

Tylers is a functional fitness baby as I am. It was nice to talk with someone who started out in functional fitness and then stepped out to create a brand that is doing a lot of great things. I admire Tyler very much hand that was the main reason I wanted him on the show. I went in-depth with him and learned how and what makes him work.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

An athlete that found CrossFit in 2005. Interned for a number of CrossFit gyms and was granted affiliation directly from CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman. Opened the first CrossFit gym in Minneapolis and grew that business to four locations. In 2013 started a new concept called Alchemy 365. Sold all CrossFit gyms in 2018 as Alchemy grew. Now Alchemy is in its fourth year, six locations (7th in buildout), two markets. We recently completed our first equity raising bringing in 2.7MM for growth capital. The goal is to prove out a national concept.

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Website: Alchemy 365
Twitter: Alchemy 365
Facebook: Alchemy 365
Instagram: Alchemy 365