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On today’s show, we have one of my coaches, Dan Houlihan.

He has been my coach for three and a half years now and I just can’t say enough about him, so I just wanted to catch up with him and tell people about these amazing things he has shared with me while we have been working together.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Chemistry nerd who loves sports, outdoors, health. My background began with classic team sports and exercise.

This is how I began my teaching and coaching career. However, one of my former students starting asking some basic questions like “what’s the point of this exercise?” and “what do you think is more important for health, exercise, or food?” These simple questions made me really begin to question to status quo while I was getting my MS in exercise physiology, which led me to research like crazy and begin to ask loads of questions. This was one of the factors leading me into coaching, I began to realize that the fitness and health industry was full of misinformation and hype and I wanted to be a more calming force.

So that is where I am now, a trainer who helps people figure out their bodies, movement, etc. my love of the outdoors drew me to MovNat many years ago (9 years ago) and during my first certification I realized massive holes in my movement ability and body, and I said wow, I need this. This led me down the rabbit hole of bodyweight movements and eventually led to FRC which I instantly fell in love with in terms of its simplicity and how it made my body feel.

The science behind it is also really cool. It has been quite a journey and my former student’s basic questions still resonate in my head and serve as a framework to always question the point of what I am doing in my own health journey and with my clients.

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