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Today’s guest is Jessica Depatie of The Special Forces Experience.

We talk about her views on men’s challenges today, masculinity and how it operates in such a complex world.

Being a great man is my focus, everything other than that being a father a good husband and any other title you want to add to it all comes after. I think that that is what it takes to live an authentic life.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

As a community builder and marketing professional, Jessica specializes in the decision-making psychology of what makes individuals pursue greatness. She dives deep into the why’s and hows of growth in the journey of living happier and healthier futures.

Today, she primarily focuses her work on high-vibrational clients and on The Process where she and a collective of leaders take high-achieving men through a challenging process of self-destruction, self-inquiry, and self-construction via the Special Forces Experience.

Jessica is often quoted as saying, “if you save men, you save the world.” The work being done through The Process, The Trials, and other like-minded collectives to focus on the spiritual, mental, and physical growth of men will make radical, positive shifts in the future of humanity.

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