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Today’s show is with guest Pete Turner.

Pete is a podcast host of the Break It Down show and a US veteran. He has an amazing sense of humor and is a super fun guy. It was interesting speaking to him about everything he has created since getting out of the military.

Pete is just one of those guys that, if you were talking him to at a party, it would go in a direction you did not expect but are super excited that it did. He is really in tune with what he wants from his life and what he is good at. A great lesson for us all.

- Enjoy the show!

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About The Guest

Pete A Turner is a former Army combat spy with over 1000 missions in conflict zones in a variety of countries. His daily tasks required him to leave the safety of the American camps and find the information/secrets that enabled commanders to win. Ultimately, Pete succeeded because he learned to earn the trust of the most dangerous and evil people in the region. Mr. Turner uses his unique access to the “Ground Truth” to illustrate the realities that exist below the tactical level. Mr. Turner uses his Break It Down Show to publish the stories he and others have experienced while deployed.

Today Pete’s is a heralded expert on modern conflict and has authored several peer-reviewed papers on modern war with topics covering – ethics, female empowerment, religion and the use of interpreters on the battlefield. When not writing about modern war, Pete is an Executive Producer of podcasts. The Break It Down Show, his podcast, is available on all platforms. With 600 episodes produced, The Break It Down Show and Pete’s works as a producer lead the veteran podcast space.

Useful Links:

Instagram: Pete Turner
Website: Break it Down